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Buzz The Bee...

A fairy-god...bee? Noooo, this isn't disturbing at all! Watch as I give a student (fellow thespian Sam Cass) the assistance of a lifetime, in this informational video titled "Pollinate Your Life". "Pollinate Your Life" is a project belonging to the ACE/Academic Center for Excellence :Time Management  system.


This was produced by the University of Illinois professional film department and spearheaded by director Jeff Warner, in conjunction with the Academic Center for Excellence to inform and encourage students to use the materials on campus designed to aid in their success. I was honored to be brought on to this project, being a theatre major at the UIC campus at that time and now an alumnus. This was a great voice acting and filming experience.


The first two portions are of the rough cut, followed by the fully edited version, that was approved to be viewed by the student body.

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