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I am a performing artist, who has contributed to the performance art scene in the Chicagoland area since 2015 and now since 2021, internationally. An alumnus of the College of Dupage and the University of Illinois at Chicago theatrical and music programs, I've consistently increased my potential through my involvement in theatre, radio, music, and film, either through contributing to projects led by others or as I create these opportunities. It has been an interesting time, and through these experiences I am meeting so many other wonderfully, talented artists!

In 2017, I was selected as a playwright for the 24-Hour Theatre Project, held at the Laugh Out Loud Theatre, hosted by Eclectic Full Contact Theatre. There, I and five other playwrights met the challenge of writing scripts overnight that were staged before the public the next evening. It was a full and spectacular experience! In April 2018, I made my professional theatrical debut as Corin/Hymen in 'Eclectic's' presentation of Shakespeare's As You Like It, at the Athenaeum Theatre of Chicago. Not one to break tradition, I also narrated and voiced characters for 'Eclectic's' 2019 radio-serial-turned-podcast titled The Shade (formerly broadcast on WCGO AM/Twitch channel). If you desire to hear any of my work, I currently have vocal samples and you may request samples of my voicings from the broadcast, as well as original voice work.

Not known to shy away from the whimsical, I brought to life a "fairy god-bee" in the original character of "Buzz the Bee'' for the Academic Center for Excellence at UIC, where voice-over, green screen, and humor was turned into a student "how-to" film for my alma mater. It was a wonderful opportunity for professional film, for a very worthy cause. To embellish my career and my life, I have taken basic ballet and I have been certified in Unarmed Stage Combat, Broadsword, Rapier, and Dagger through the Society of American Fight Directors, earning the designation of Actor Combatant. I am also a hobbyist historical fencer (Historical European Martial Arts- Italian and German Longsword). I received my first copyright from the Library of Congress for my poetry chapbook which I hope to publish. To date, I've stage-managed and assistant stage-managed several productions, including an adaptation of Anton Chekov's Three Sisters for New Place Theatre, where I've subsequently provided basic, choreographed fight scenes for New Place Theatre's Macbeth in the summer of 2019. In 2021, I was exceptionally fortunate to stumble upon a professional theatre that was beginning to realize a dream by formally hosting workshops and productions. The Bridge Theatre of Brussels  saw me as contracted administrative personnel and production assistant for their first community musical project, All Together Now. Most recently, I committed to a huge undertaking with The New Musical Company and I am proud to have fight choreographed and staged violence for their production of Morgane The Musical (also known as Morgane Le Musical). In order to continue the work, I toured with the group to the region of Vichy, France where I continued in the capacity of fight choreographer and backstage manager for the duration of the tour. This was an enriching experience all in itself, so much so, that I am now also a part of the company's creative team! Come and check us out! 

In March of 2023, I portrayed the often controversial, but now very necessary character of "Caliban" in the Brussels Shakespeare Society's production of The Tempest. 

One my favorite activities is dance! I love fusion, blues, bachata, salsa, merengue, and Raqs Sharqi when I have a chance.  Besides acting, singing and writing, dance is my favorite form of artistic expression to participate in. I simply enjoy an active life of movement!

I'm always ready-- be it in theatre or film and while I am discerning regarding what projects I attach myself to, when I find a project or one finds me that strikes me, I am ambitious, motivated, and excited!  As a multi-faceted artist, I leverage all of my talents, thus I'm rarely idle; catch me, gleefully, working.  This is when I'm at my best.

Artist Bio -
The Maverick

   Hello! Hey! Goeiedag! Hola! Salut, wherever you are!

I'm ecstatic that you've taken the time to find me here and that you've gotten this far.

I have a bit more that I'd love to share with you! 

I've been an artist, in one form or another, most of my life. My formative years were spent in an elementary school that was a math and science academy, with a strong language arts program. This influence would assist in nurturing me into a fully-flourished poet by age 11, that I would remain the rest of my life. Poetry would be my saving grace, as it would give me a voice that I often could not find for myself to protect or save me, especially from harm. By high school, I had also become a vocalist both within and outside of school.

I paired my vocal talents with fledgling, acting chops that would land me a principal role in a theatrical production during my senior year of high school. All of this displayed promising attributes that I would perpetually summon especially as a performer.

Throughout my adulthood, I have either spearheaded, directed, or performed in varied capacities within the realm of performing arts, which is only part of the circumstance that motivated me to commit to the arts full time. Out of every profession that I have practiced (and of professions, I've had quite a few), performing arts has consistently called me me back to it and has been positively, life-changing and enthralling overall. I am proud to be an artist and I hope that when you view any of my work, that you feel some of the passion that has flowed through me when it was created. I also hope that you may be inspired and perhaps what is observed will either be a catalyst for positive change in your own life or activate you to create. Perhaps you may even venture onsite to a project to which I am participating in or producing if you are nearby-- I'd love to see you! 


Please keep checking in for updates on exciting projects and my newest undertakings.  ​

I hope to see you soon!


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