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A filming for our theatrical premiere of Morgane Le Musical! 

 Adaptation and musical score by Alexandre Diaconu

Musical Direction is provided by Ana Beatriz Drummond

Dance Choreography by Salvatore Centineo

Fight Choreography is by myself and Davy Van Elst...

 Our actors are impassioned regarding each of the stories that they share. 

Come along with us on their journey to find out why they do, what they do...


Coming to a theatre soon.....

"Every year, the Brussels Shakespeare Society presents a play by Shakespeare with amateur actors and theatre lovers. 'The Tempest' tackles themes such as betrayal, revenge, family, power, forgiveness, etc. Director Esther Pozo sees similarities in these themes to relevant issues that concern our society today,

such as climate change and intergenerational problems."

Within this interview, actress Therese Van Elst is featured as "Caliban"

Credit given to BRUZZ TV and The Brussels Shakespeare Society

Join us as we sit down with the multi-talented Therese Van Elst ...our incredible stage manager, dresser, and accent coach for Perpetua - An Everlasting Musical. Discover the magic she brings to the show and the passion behind her craft. Don't miss this exclusive interview! 

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